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We are commited to provide a complete Forklift Services and Solutions to our customers with our professional team. We guarantee Quality, Durability & Reliability.

New Forklift
Fully Reconditioned Forklifts

Find the right LPG, Diesel or Electric Forklift for your application.

Forklift Rental
Forklift Rental

Available Short or Long Term. Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, You named it.

Refurbished Forklift

Our forklifts are stripped down to the bone, refurbished every parts and wiring, re-paint and re-assembeled it into as good as new.

Spare Part

Quality Genuine Part & OEM Part.



Multilift Equipment Sdn.Bhd. was established in Malaysia in year 2002. We are best known in providing specialised

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Our Company Culture - Efficiency, Professionalism and Reliability.


We place top priority in providing the best services to our clients.


We strive for excellence in every area of our work.

Customer Satisfaction

We as professional service provider ensures top quality support and services to maximum satisfaction from customer.

Why Do You Need a Forklift Truck?

A forklift truck is an essential machine for any warehouse in Malaysia. If you have a warehouse and still are not looking for a forklift for sales, you are compromising the safety of your staff and the stored goods, reducing your productivity, and losing potential clients.

If you are on a budget and are just starting, you can also find a used forklift for sale Malaysia at Multilift as we want our clients to have ease of operation, safety, and maximum return on investment. Looking for a forklift near me or forklift for rent? Visit us for more information.

At Multilift, we have various forklift truck models specifically designed to cater to your custom needs. Our forklift for sales is heavy duty and is equipped with the technology to handle all industrial tasks. We also provide both electric and combustion engine forklift trucks, so you have the liberty to choose the best options according to your requirements.

Used Forklift For Sale Malaysia

You might have your reservations about exploring used forklifts for sale Malaysia, but you can put all your concerns aside while dealing with Multilift while looking for forklift for sale near me

At Multilift, we have rigorous criteria to scrutinize only the best used forklift for sales so you can get quality performance at a reasonable forklift price Malaysia. Our criteria evaluate a forklift truck on both an internal and external basis

On the exterior, we evaluate if the truck has any damages, major repairs, and potential damages, while on the inside, our quality control ensures that the machinery has minimum wear and tear and the ability to deliver desirable performance

We also ensure that the electric forklift for sale won't require any major work when you buy them, so your spending remains within the reasonable forklift price Malaysia range

Additionally, we have a dedicated team of experts to carry out the evaluation and perform any maintenance work required to make the forklift truck suitable for industrial use.

Multilift - the best place forklift for sale near me

Features of our Forklift For Sales

Multifit has a huge variety of forklift trucks, which is why we named our company “Multifit” as we provide machinery that suits every need you might have with a forklift.

Despite all the variety, there are certain features that Multifit does not compromise on and are common among each model you buy from us, be it new or used.

What makes us the best place for purchasing forklift near me? Here are some of our unique features:

1. Safety and Performance

Forklifts are notorious for causing accidents, and accidents in a warehouse are never light as there are sensitive goods involved.

At Multifit, we have paid special attention to the safety features of our forklifts. Each of our forklifts comes with easy-to-follow safety protocols that ensure nothing goes wrong as long as you stay within the prescribed limits.

Additionally, we design our forklifts with a stable center of gravity, so the truck never flips. We have also paid attention to the driver's safety and comfort and have designed the interior of our forklifts with ergonomic features.

The ergonomist design will make the driver feel comfortable and active even when he works long shifts and will ensure no damage to his posture in the long run.

But all these safety features do not compromise the performance quality of our forklifts in any way. Each of our forklifts is designed to deliver the optimal performance that you can expect from a heavy-duty truck.

2. Durability

We understand that buying forklifts are a major expenditure for businesses, and it isn't feasible to spend on forklifts, again and again, be it for maintenance or replacement.

Our forklifts are designed to be virtually maintenance-free, and the only operational cost would be to charge or refuel them.

With maintenance-free technology, you can be assured that the mechanical components are robust, remain perfectly functional for years, and recover your cost twice before they wear out.

Forklift Price Malaysia

We have a variety of forklifts, and each has its specifications, so it is not feasible to determine an exact price. But for transparency purposes, we are listing down some factors that determine the Forklift price Malaysia and will give you an idea regarding how your products are priced.

These factors are:

1. Capacity

The foremost determinant of a forklift’s price would be its capacity. The heavier the function, the higher would be the price

2. Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing companies also influence the price range as you pay for the quality, trust, and reliability.

3. Quality

Though all of our forklifts are of superior quality, how much the machine will be saving you, in the long run, is a factor that affects the price. Apart from "Multilift" also offers toyota forklift in Malaysia within your mean budget.



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